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When you experience computer problems at home, where can you go for help?

Since finding accurate, reliable, and trusted online support can be time-consuming and costly, many of us turn to a family member or friend for help. Trust us, as a company comprised of these family members, getting the call for help isn’t much fun late at night or on weekends.

As a home computer user, you need a single place to quickly and readily find consistent, effective, and reliable solutions. That's why has been created – to give the typical home user a "one-stop" place to find the answers to those questions.

No need to thank us…just keep using us.

About Us is your personal website dedicated to providing easy-to-find answers for common PC, software and technology questions. Specifically designed for you, the home computer user, provides reliable, accurate, and trusted information that you can access anytime you need.’s solutions cover a wide range of “everyday” products, including commonly-used software such as Microsoft® Word and Excel®, and products such as PDAs, Handhelds, and Apple's iLife® Suite.

At, we are continually striving to meet your growing home computer needs. We add new solutions and increase the number of products that we cover on a daily basis. If there is a product you would like to see added to our solution set, please contact us. It is our goal to make your “one-stop” experience for all your computer and technology solutions